MP6 2013

Listen to some of the speeches given by last years MP6 finalists. All students are from inner city Leicester City schools and  want politicians to hear them and to respond to their comments. It is time to talk, it is time to get your voice heard, use this site as a platform to speak about issues that concern you. Information, resources and speeches on this site may be used to help develop your own political public speaking. Tell your teachers to use them and enter MP6 2015. Contact us and we will upload your video. Please comment on the speeches below in a responsible way. these have been written by students and it took a lot of confidence to record them for you.

Isaac, speaking about the ‘Prism Spy Programme’

Elsie, speaking about ‘GCSE reforms’

Selina, speaking about ‘17 year olds in police custody’

Luke, speaking about the ‘Student Loan Sell Out

Jas, speaking about the ‘Standing Man’

Urvi, speaking about ‘Lee Rigby’




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